sacrament of baptism

The Sacrament of Baptism  

As a cluster, we're here to support you on this journey. This Sacrament of Baptism is essential! It is also essential that we understand what it means for us to become part of God's family in this sacrament and what it means for us to accept God as our Father, to be heirs of Heaven. 

Why Baptize my baby? Should I wait?  

Long story short, no! Parenting can be hard, especially today. To help you prepare for this journey, we've collected some resources here for you to more fully prepare yourself and answer some questions you may have about the Sacrament of Baptism!

Cluster Baptism Preparation

In order to ensure you're fully prepared to baptize your child, first-time parents are required to attend class for the baptism of their first child. The class focuses on what baptism is, and why we baptize children. Classes are held at 6:30 p.m. in the St. Henry CCD Center every 3 months. Please contact the cluster office to register.

Class Dates: 

June 7, 2023
September 6, 2023
December 6, 2023
March 6, 2024

FAQ: Do I have to take the class? 

In order to avoid confusion, most dioceses in the U.S. require parishes to hold a mandatory Baptism preparation class for parents prior to baptizing their infant. The purpose is to ensure the parents understand the spiritual obligations baptism will give to them. As well as giving the pastor opportunity to ensure that the children of the parents attending the class will be raised as Catholics. While at times it may seem to be a sacrifice to attend a class with work and other obligations, the tremendous graces and spiritual importance of the baptism of your child is absolutely worth it!

Baptism Schedule

1st Sunday of the month
Outside of Mass: St. Aloysius and St. Henry at 1 p.m.

2nd Sunday of the month
Outside of Mass: St. Bernard at 1 p.m.

3rd Sunday of the month
Outside of Mass: St. Henry at 1 p.m.

4th Sunday of the month
Outside of Mass: St. Francis and St. Wendelin at 1 p.m.