Saint Henry

It is in doing our jobs, we can become saints. St. Henry

St. Henry Church

Saint Henry Address

272 E. Main St.
St. Henry, Ohio 45883

Contact Information

Parish Life Coordinator: Carmen Beyke (419-678-0172)

Pastoral Council Representatives: Ann Stammen, Rick Osterholt

Church Basement Rental: Cluster Office

Funeral Lunch Coordinators: Roger & Deb Kremer

K of C Hall Rental: Ron Clune

Prayer Chain: Julie Werling

Religious Education: Rachel Niekamp (419-678-3811)
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The restrooms are located in the north-east corner of the church in the entrance.


The confessional is located in the north-west corner of the church. The doors are marked for face-to-face or to kneel. Another confessional is located in the south-west end of the church - walk up past the tabernacle and enter on your right. 


See our home page or our latest bulletin for an up-to-date mass schedule.

Why St. Henry?

St. Henry saw in a vision his guardian angel who mysteriously said 'After six!' Young Henry thought this meant he was going to die after that amount of time, so he focused on living like a saint. However, instead of dying, Henry was crowned after that amount of time! He was a German King and Holy Roman Emperor with a goal of peace in Europe. He was a strong ruler focused on unity. St. Henry shows us that holiness is always possible. It is in doing our jobs, we can become saints. God has a perfect plan for each of our lives. Join us as we seek to live out that plan together. 

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