Tele-Health Catholic Counselors provides Catholic-integrated counseling services for individuals, couples, and parents via the telephone. Their work is guided by a thoughtful integration of faith and reason in that we are always mindful of the Catholic vision of the human person and we employ only those methods that have been shown by clinical research to be effective. All counselors are licensed at the highest levels, have additional training in pastoral theology, and are completely faithful to the teachings of the Church.  Whether you are struggling with depression or anxiety issues, working through challenging marital problems ranging from communication failures to infidelity or emotional abuse, or wanting to have a more peaceful family and more joyful, obedient kids, they can help you accomplish your goals.

They do not bill insurance directly and cannot guarantee reimbursement, however, many clients do receive insurance reimbursement for our services.  Upon request, they can provide you with statements you may use for your records and/or to seek reimbursement from your insurer if you wish.

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Catholic Therapist - Englewood Office

Desiring to experience the fruits of the Holy Spirit in a greater way in your life or relationship, including peace, patience and joy? Thought about counseling, but not sure where to turn or what provider will respect and uphold your Catholic faith? Discouraged by the potential need to drive to Cincinnati to pursue such services? Good news: With a new location at the Transfiguration Center, Ruah Woods Psychological Services is bringing Catholic faith-informed mental health care to the Northern Area of the Archdiocese and beyond. Please call or visit us at to learn more.