Youth Ministry

youth ministry come and see John 1:46

What's this about? 

Embracing the adventure of discipleship that we're called to. To know, love, and serve the Lord.

It starts with an encounter with Jesus. An encounter can be anywhere from a clear witness of Christ's great love from someone else, an experience at Mass, Confession, or Adoration. The encounter is just the beginning... Our main goal is to light the world on fire with His love.

Who's it for?

Everyone. We have different opportunities for youth in grades 5-12! 

I'm in. How do I start?

We'll need a permission form for you (and your family, just one form). Check out our calendar and come to the next event! In the meantime, check out how to stay in the loop, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram for some regular inspiration.   

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Small Groups

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