Choosing Your Saint

Choosing Your Saint

Who are the saints?

What an incredible gift we have in the communion of saints. They are like us! They are our ancestors, our teachers, our friends, our siblings. They are real, truly human. They are sinners – they are repentant children of God. The saints lived on this earth and experienced suffering, joy, pain, broken promises, peace, frustration, war, injury, heartbreak... they know our hearts. But mostly, they know what it takes to be united with God here on this messy earth. They know what it takes to live well for Him.

Why do we choose confirmation saints?

We choose a Confirmation saint (like we choose a Confirmation sponsor) not out of due diligence to the “rule,” but rather because we realize how unfortunate it would be to travel alone. We recognize how important it is to know your Confirmation saint not only by name, but also by story. The saints have so much to teach us about this journey. Pick a saint who speaks to you somehow. Know their story, and know the power of their prayer. Ask for their intercession like you would ask for the prayers of your friends. Saying “yes” to a Confirmation saint is like saying “yes, you may always pray for my poor and weary soul.” How fantastic is that!? Do not choose a saint simply because they are a patron of something you enjoy. Take the time to research and choose a saint whose life you identify with or relate to in some way, or whose story you find powerful; read their quotes or writings in your personal prayer, seek to emulate them in your everyday life, and discover an incredible spiritual friend.

Where can I look for a saint?