Beacons of Light

Beacons of Light

Clarity in Truth

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 10/19/23

There is a lot of misinformation circulating through the community regarding Beacons of Light and the merger of our parishes. I offered two meetings to communicate our merger and what it means for us, and for many those meetings helped to alleviate fears. However, three significant false claims ... Read More »

October 2023 Update - Merger Decree Announcment

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 10/16/23

The merger decree went out publicly in the bulletin October 7-8, 2023. It contains very important information regarding the upcoming merger of our parishes. In order to help provide clarity and a broader vision for what this looks like, we invite you to listen to the meeting as it ... Read More »

October 2023 - Rebuild My Church

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 10/09/23

This week we celebrated the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis was a rich young man before he came to the Lord, preoccupied with material goods, immersed in the pleasures of life. One day, he was praying before a crucifix in a dilapidated church, and he heard ... Read More »

September 2023 - Understanding Beacons of Light

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 9/28/23

Our parish family has been making great progress with the Beacons of Light initiative, and I am so grateful for the team we have assembled to help us make our way through this sometimes difficult experience; having a good team makes all the difference. I know that this time ... Read More »

August 2023 Update - New Mass Times & Parish Survey Results

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 8/10/23

Starting Sept. 9, 2023 Coinciding with the launch of perpetual adoration at St. Wendelin

Several factors led to this final change in schedule. The weekend Mass schedule adjustment comes from our noted attendance records and the survey response that 60% prefer to attend Mass on Sundays after 9am. Parish ... Read More »

June 2023 Update

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 7/10/23

Parish Council Notes

Fr. Jason Williams, the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, came to the Parish Council meeting on June 12 to answer questions that were submitted by parishioners regarding Beacons of Light. These were the only agenda items discussed at this meeting. Through the Beacons of Light ... Read More »

May 2023 Update

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 5/17/23

Published May 28, 2023 & June 4, 2023 in the Bulletin | Parish Council Notes Survey Results - The initial results of the Disciple Makers Index Survey are in.  Results will be shared soon. Family Name - After a review of feedback, many conversations and prayerful consideration it has been decided ... Read More »

January 2023 Update-Merger Letter Submitted

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 1/26/23

New Mass Schedule Beginning February 4, 2023 WEEKEND Saturday 5:30 pm St. Henry Sunday 7:00 am St. Francis   8:30 am St. Henry*   9:00 am St. Bernard   10:30 am St. Henry *confessions before Mass 7:45-8:15 am WEEKDAY Monday 7:15 am St. Aloysius Tuesday 7:15 am St. Bernard ... Read More »

November 2022 Update

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 1/03/23

NEW name / PARISH PATRON Process

As we begin November – the month of saints and souls – I wanted to use this opportunity to begin the final stage of selecting our new parish patron as part of the Beacons of Light process. Part of the process of our ... Read More »

October 2022 Update

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 1/03/23

Dear Parishioners, I hope this update letter finds you and your loved ones well. As we continue with the changes that are part of the Beacons of Light initiative, there are likely many questions, and as we have answers we will share them; much of this will simply ... Read More »


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