The Seed

The Seed

Ero Cras: Tomorrow I Will Come

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 12/21/23

Here we are, on the threshold of the sacred commemoration of Our Lord’s Nativity. And I pray these Advent days have been fruitful for all of us as we prepare to receive the Lord anew into our lives. There is a beautiful unfolding of the Sacred Liturgy that ... Read More »

Vicar's Corner: Why Does God Allow Evil?

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 12/14/23

Many bad things happen in our world and in our own lives. We see major world events that cause suffering and loss of life. We experience suffering and sorrow in our own lives. Many different things are bad or even evil. We see the physical suffering and death ... Read More »

Rejoice in the Lord Always

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 12/12/23

This command, taken from St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, is the entrance antiphon for the 3rd Sunday of Advent, from which this Sunday gets its traditional nickname: Gaudete Sunday, which means “(You all) Rejoice Sunday”. St. Paul sets a high bar; he wants us to know that our ... Read More »

Christ is Coming! Are You Ready?

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 12/12/23

With Christmas falling on Monday, the whole Advent season is as short as it can possibly be – already, Christmas is just two weeks away. In some way this gives more urgency to Jesus’ command to “be watchful and alert” so that He may not come suddenly and ... Read More »

Vicar's Corner: Knowing God’s Will Through the Authority of the Church

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 12/07/23

Knowing God’s will is often difficult when it comes to the complicated situations of our lives. One thing that makes it easier to know His will is to know what God would not ask us to do. The first thing to remember is that God will not ask ... Read More »

Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 12/01/23

In the Church’s liturgical year, we commemorate three comings of the Lord: the first is His coming in the flesh as man, the second is His coming in majesty and glory (in an “already but not yet” kind of way), and the third is His coming to us ... Read More »

A Gift that Keeps Giving

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 11/22/23

We are in the beloved season of gratitude now, and we look ahead to the day fast approaching when we commemorate the Father sending us His Only Begotten Son to be our Savior. Despite the deeply and undeniably religious meaning of this season, we tend to lose sight of ... Read More »

Vicars Corner: Knowing God's Will

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 11/10/23

In my last Vicars Corner article, I mentioned the need to pray in order to know and do God’s will. Prayer is essential in knowing God’s will. Prayer is conversation with God. How can we know what God wants us to do if we do not take the ... Read More »

To Renew the Face of the Earth

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 11/06/23

Every year at Pentecost, we ask the Lord to send forth His Spirit and renew the face of the earth; we offer this prayer similarly every time we celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation, which is like a new Pentecost for those who are called to that great Sacrament. ... Read More »

Memento Mori

Posted by St. Henry Cluster on 10/30/23

This is a Latin proverb meaning “Remember: you must die.” Not the happiest of proverbs, but important; remembering the inevitability of death is a powerful means of orienting one’s life around what is most important – eternal salvation. November is a kind of Memento Mori as our focus ... Read More »


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