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February 2024

Parish Council Notes 

  • Father Hess presented a Beacons of Light update
    • Rome is looking into 4 of the 5 parishes' appeals against the merger decree.
    • Finances of the parishes will continue to stay as-is. There have been no changes implemented thus far. Envelopes are still being sorted by parish (using the envelope number vs. color to sort).
  • Father Hess reported that the Director of Administration has been hired, Josh Wendel from Coldwater, who will be starting the first week in March. Sue will stay and train him before retiring towards the end of March.
  • Father shared information reminding all what pastoral council is meant to be.
    • What are some ways we can grow as a council? We need to develop a mission/goal/vision and apply it within the parishes.
      • This is the mission statement developed by Fr. Hess upon his arrival: St. Aloysius, St. Bernard, St. Francis, St. Henry, and St. Wendelin parishes exist to offer right worship to God and for the salvation of souls. Recognizing the human purpose to know, love, and serve God in this life, so as to be happy with Him forever in the next, it is our mission to become true friends of Jesus while on earth and saints forever in Heaven.
      • Note from council member: “For the good of the soul and the enrichment of the faith”
    • What are we doing well? What are we not doing well?
      • We do not revisit previous meeting minutes and follow up or push forth what was discussed. 
      • Lack of formality/organization/structure at meetings: Suggested changing the formality of meetings, possibly naming a chairperson to review the agenda with Father and lead the meeting and keep it moving/on task
        • Need to review council bylaws and either follow the structure set or edit them to reflect the meeting style.
      • Reports from departments (Adoration/Finance/Youth/Etc.) would allow knowing what is going on in the parish which would be helpful to council members to be able to relay to parishioners.
        • Suggested to pair a council member with a staff/advisor to work with groups and organizations.
      • Are subgroups needed to accomplish some of the goals of the parish?
        • Welcoming, Births, Baptisms, Weddings, Deaths, Homebound, Sick, Small Groups/ Catechesis, Confirmations, First Communion, Etc.
        • Need a contact person to help direct and oversee but not do everything
    • What is the parish council to the people? 
      • Needs to be reiterated that it is not how it was and doesn’t deal with the day-to-day amenities (buildings and grounds/finances) as it has in the past.
    • Would these meetings be more “effective” if we met quarterly? Ad hoc basis? The council expressed concern with this idea.
  • Council asked Father Hess, "What do you want the council to be?"
    • Not activity-focused and committee-driven - Faith needs to be taught in the home and have people live the faith life. 
  • Other questions raised about the pastoral needs of parishioners (answers listed):
    • Catechetical formation
    • Prayer life
    • Seeing the parish as a place of encounter
    • Pre-eminence of Sunday as a day of worship and rest
    • Fellowship
    • Faith and family
  • Adoration Update:
    • Double numbers for the week with the focus of extra prayers for the Schmitz family.
    • By placing needs of which timeslots need to be filled in the bulletin and on Facebook; they're being filled promptly.


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