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January 2024

Parish Council Notes 

  • Jared Pottkotter will be taking Dave Wuebker's place on the council.
  • We are looking to hire a Director of Administration full-time. 
    • Sue Nietfeld will be retiring this spring.
    • Our office staff has been restructured. 
  • Our Director of Youth Evangelization has resigned. We will be looking to replace this position, but perhaps in a different, larger capacity.
  • St. Francis Roof Project Review:
    • Parishioners from every parish/church contributed
    • 92% of goal met as of 01/15/2024
  • Reviewing of cluster financial situation after sharing the financial document this fall:
    • Christmas collections were very good and put us within 4% of our target goal YTD.
    • Parishioners provided feedback that prior to this the financial status was unknown and this was helpful information.
  • Latin Mass Pastoral Plan/Benefits:
    • Historically has lead to vocation booms; brings more people into the parish; it's a response to a spiritual need for those in the North that seek this elsewhere; we've already hosted events like Christ the King and others at St. Francis and St. Bernard and have had great response; connects us to the tradition of the Church


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