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July 2023

Parish Council Notes 

  • Br. Nick no longer works for the parish. 
  • Parish Council Bylaws are in review.
  • Review of Mass Attendance and Suggested New Mass Times – Start Sept. 9/10 Weekend for all changes.
    • Weekday Masses are changing rotation to accommodate Adoration at St. Wendelin.
      • All churches will still have morning Mass at 7:15.
      • Wednesday night St. Bernard Mass will be replaced with 12:00 PM St. Henry Mass
        • Fr. Hess and Fr. Jacquemin gain an extra evening to help with other activities/programs without the evening Mass.
    • Weekend Masses are potentially changing due to poor feedback from the recent Mass time changes.  
      • A possible Mass Schedule was proposed and discussed.  
      • The consensus was to change Saturday evening Mass to 4:30 PM at St. Henry.
      • Sunday Mass schedule was heavily discussed however, there was feedback after the meeting so the schedule was not finalized.  
  • Report on Latin Mass status. Still slated to start after the official merger. 
  • The Chancellor will meet later this month. The merger will potentially be effective Jan. 1
  • Adoration 
    • Has at least 2 people attending every hour, some hours have up to 5.  
    • The goal is to have 3 on every hour. 
    • Starting September 11, 2023
  • Discussions on how to bring Mass attendance back up.


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