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May 2023

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Parish Council Notes May 2023

  • Survey Results - The initial results of the Disciple Makers Index Survey are in.  Results will be shared soon.
  • Family Name - After a review of feedback, many conversations and prayerful consideration it has been decided to add and recommend St. Henry as the name of our family.  The appropriate paperwork has been submitted and the final decision lies with the Archbishop, which will likely coincide with the merger.  
  • Merger Timeline - Fr. Hess submitted a letter to the Archbishop to officially start the merger process.  The Archdiocese will send an official decree upon approval.  The anticipated merger date is October 2023.
  • Merger Finances - Representatives from all finance councils have been meeting to prepare post-merger financial policies.  This plan will be finalized and sent to the Archdiocese for review.  Information will be shared with parishioners as it is received.


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