Confirmation Service

Life of Service

Why is this necessary?

Jesus invites us to follow Him. To follow Christ means that we serve others as He did- with great love and compassion, in prayer and selfless generosity. God helps us to be able to do this by sending us the Holy Spirit. Confirmation gives us the abundant graces to develop our talents and gifts in a unique way to be Christ in the world.

How do I know what to do?

What do you enjoy doing? Do you have a specific skill or talent? Make a list of your interests and abilities. Ask your friends, parents, and sponsor what they recognize as your unique talents. How can these characteristics serve your family, community, and the Church? Ask God how you can use your talents to serve others. He has a plan for your life!

What are the guidelines?

Confirmation students will serve the Church through two to three projects for six hours total. The hope is that through participation in service projects you will grow to incorporate the service of others as a part of your life. Projects must be chosen from the list below. Please complete the Service Record sheet and submit it with a two-page reflection paper to the teacher by November 30, 2022 (SB) and December 2, 2022 (SH).  Late or insufficient projects will result in an additional hour of service to the CCD Center.

Instruct the ignorant.
  • Help with CCD classes– 10 minute presentation for grades K-4 (contact Rachel to sign up)
  • Create bulletin boards at the CCD center (contact Rachel to sign up)
  • Organize packets and decorate the CCD Center August 15-18 from 9 am-12 pm. (contact Rachel to sign up)
  • Help Miranda with Small Groups (contact Miranda for more info)
    • After school, 1-2x per month for 5-6th graders
  • Help with Do Good's Carnival for Christ (July 5-6, 2023)
    • Volunteers will be put at a game station, craft station, or face painting station. Text Sarah at 419-953-8299 (call or text) with your name, phone number, and what shift you’d like to sign up for.  If you’d like to be put at a certain station, please specify. 
    • Wednesday, July 5
    • Thursday, July 6
Comfort the afflicted.
  • Visit someone who has lost a family member

Visit the sick.
  • Volunteer with the Neurological Center in Burkettsville, especially Friday afternoons 12:45-3:00pm  Call Lori at 419-375-4878
  • Visit residents of the nursing home 
  • Contact the nursing home for volunteering opportunities
  • Visit or assist a parishioner on the Homebound list (contact Rachel to volunteer
Bury the dead. Pray for the living and the dead.
  • Clean headstones in the St. Henry cemetery. Wear comfortable clothes and sunscreen, and bring a bottle of water. It is now rescheduled for the rain date Thursday, August 11. (contact Rachel to sign up)
  • Assist in the upkeep of a cluster parish or cemetery: cleaning or groundskeeping (contact us to volunteer)
  • Clean up flowers at the cemetery after a storm (contact Rachel to volunteer
Clothe the naked.
Feed the hungry.

If you aren't sure that the work you have in mind will qualify for Confirmation, just ask!


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